Urban Jazz Dance Company

Antoine Hunter & Zahna Simon


Founded in 2007 by Deaf dancer and choreographer Antoine Hunter, Urban Jazz Dance Company’s (UJDC) mission is to uplift and provide opportunities for Deaf, Hard of hearing (Hoh) and Disabled artists from marginalized backgrounds.

UJDC amplifies visibility and creates opportunities for Deaf artists through programming by

1) being a Deaf-led dance company highlighting Deaf experiences,
2) teaching dance classes to Deaf and hearing dancers,
3) annually producing the Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival (BAIDDF) and social justice Deaf Louder November home seasons, both platforms for Deaf artists to celebrate their talents through performance/workshops that engage 70 artists and 750 attendees,
4) Deaf Dance Festivals in other locations including San Diego, Rochester NY and Turkey,
5) touring Deaf’s IMPRISONED Internationally, a production exploring Deaf diaspora and how a Deaf person lives in a “prison within a prison”,
6) school engagements serving over 5,800 youth per year with 47% of whom are from low income backgrounds,
7) community workshops with local museums and organizations,
8) the ongoing virtual #DeafWoke and
9) teaching contracted organizations Deaf/Disabled access/inclusion practices through UJDC Access Services program.