There’s something magical about string quartet. For over 250 years, the most beautiful and thrilling music has been written for this specific combination of two violins, viola and cello.

Every two years, the String Quartet Biennale puts the string quartet in the centre of world wide attention in the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw. With over sixty events — concerts and a lively fringe programme of lectures, talks and masterclasses — and thirty string quartets from all over the world, you can immerse yourself completely in string quartet from early morning until late at night. Join us on our journey of tradition and experiment; to the familiar and the unknown.

The third edition takes place from 28 January until 5 February 2022. Ticket sales start in September 2021. We will then also reveal the entire festival programme. The pre-sale of passe-partouts starts in spring 2021, when we will announce the line-up of the 2022 edition.

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Young Talent

SQBA Residency 2021 / 2022

The new SQBA Residency: a kaleidoscopic development programme for young professional string quartets.

retrospect video

Quartets in Quarantine

Conversations between string quartet musicians during the first lockdown.

Podcast retrospect

Op zoek naar het ongekende

Re-discover the podcast series we made leading up to the second festival edition.

retrospect video

Aftermovie 2020

Revisit the second String Quartet Biennale one more time.

In the media retrospect

The second edition (2020) in the media

Every article about the second Biennale in one place.

In the media retrospect

The first edition (2018) in the media

Every article about the first Biennale in one place.

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String quartet is alive! Every two years, the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam is the world wide hotspot for everything string quartet. Nowhere else in the world you can listen to so many string quartets, all at once.

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The String Quartet Biennale is a forum for dreams to become reality, and for the wildest and usually unrealisable ideas to take shape and wing. For us, as quartets, it is a unique meeting place for quartets amongst themselves - something which rarely happens in the wild.

Xandi Van Dijk,
Signum Quartett

Eight days of floating in the past, present and future of the string quartet exudes a hypnotic power.

Joost Galema,
NRC, 2 February 2020

The greatest thing in life is when Utopia becomes reality. For me, that is exactly what happens at the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam. For a full week, the Muziekgebouw and the area around it is like a village, completely occupied by the string quartet.

Marc Danel,
Quatuor Danel

The richness of the String Quartet Biennale is maddening.

Erik Voermans,
het Parool, 27 January 2020