There’s something magical about string quartet. For over 250 years, the most beautiful and thrilling music has been written for this specific combination of two violins, viola and cello.

Every two years the String Quartet Biennale brings together string quartets, composers and artists from around the globe. Their rich and diverse backgrounds help mould this dynamic and innovative festival consisting of eight days in the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam packed with over sixty concerts, talks, masterclasses and a lively fringe programme featuring 30 string quartets, soloists, composers and speakers.

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String Quartet
Biennale 2024

27.1 - 3.2.2024


The String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam is the most large scale string quartet festival in the world.

The String Quartet Biennale came to fruition in 2018. Prior to our founding, there was no such large scale, international festival that existed for the string quartet. With more than sixty concerts and a diverse fringe programme, the biennale has successfully been fulfilling its mission of celebrating, reinventing and showcasing the string quartet in all its rich glory.

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Looking back

Looking back SQBA 2022

In 2022, the largest string quartet festival in the world took place in its smallest form. With live radio broadcasts, a live stream from New York and a last minute live concert, the third edition of the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam - The Pandemic Edition - will have its place in history as the most memorable. With warm feelings we look back at all the things that did happen.

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Alternative programme

The largest string quartet festival in the world w in its smallest form - on Sunday 30 January and Sunday 6 February we will bring (live) radio broadcasts in collaboration with Dutch NPO Radio 4 / NTR.


2022 Festival Cancelled

With pain in our hearts, we have decided to cancel the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam 2022.

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How to order tickets

Ordering tickets as a non-Dutch speaker? Here's everything you need to know.

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Day and Night at the Festival

For those who truly don't want to miss anything we offer rooms with discount at the Mövenpick Hotel, right next to the Muziekgebouw.

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Discover the 2022 Line-up!

Prepare yourself for the start of the ticket sales on September 16th: discover the third edition's festival line-up.

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Registration for pre-sale has closed

From 17 May until 7 June, we offered the possibility to register for the pre-sale in September.

Young Talent

SQBA Residency 2021 / 2022

The new SQBA Residency: a kaleidoscopic development programme for young professional string quartets.

retrospect Video

Quartets in Quarantine

Conversations between string quartet musicians during the first lockdown.

Podcast retrospect

Op zoek naar het ongekende

Re-discover the podcast series we made leading up to the second festival edition.

retrospect Video

Aftermovie 2020

Revisit the second String Quartet Biennale one more time.

In the media retrospect

The second edition (2020) in the media

Every article about the second Biennale in one place.

In the media retrospect

The first edition (2018) in the media

Every article about the first Biennale in one place.


The SQBA presents an exploration of the string quartet beyond compare. To shine a light on the wealth of connections inherent in our medium—to our historical past, to our cultural present, to our closest colleagues, to our esteemed audience—is to reveal the true resonance and relevance of the string quartet. Each presentation is unique, yet each is grounded in the truest foundation: a deep understanding and love of the string quartet.

Serena Canin,
Brentano Quartet

The Amsterdam String Quartet Biennale is a wonderfully inspiring community of artists, audience, and music lovers in an incredible setting. It is an honor and joy to be returning in 2024 to join a group of truly outstanding string quartets in a one-of-a kind festival.

The Calder Quartet

The Muziekgebouw is literally buzzing with enthusiasm and passion. Each time I come to the Amsterdam Biennale, my love and pride for the String Quartet finds itself strengthened, grown and renewed. The Biennale maintains a perfect balance of celebrating the string quartet with respect and passion, showcasing its endless repertoire, while simultaneously pursuing innovative and exciting concert programming. It is a little bit of paradise for any quartet enthusiast.

Hélène Clément,
Doric String Quartet

The String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam is like a great astronomical event on the string quartet firmament: for one week, a multitude of artistic forces - along with an inspired mass of spectators - align and resonate together. The diversity of artists and events eclipses everything else on the quartet calendar, and celebrates what the string quartet might ultimately strive to be - a microcosm of our society and a mirror to every aspect of the human experience. We can’t wait to return in 2024!

Johannes Marmen,
Marmen Quartet

The String Quartet Biennale is a string quartet-universe without limits: It's an inviting space to discover every hidden corner that the string quartet has to offer and a place where one can encounter the widest scope of international string quartets. The Biennale is a warm home for all string quartets worldwide, where we can finally meet our fellow ensembles, listen to each other, learn from each other and inspire one another.

Rosa Arnold,
Ragazze Quartet

The String Quartet Biennale is a forum for dreams to become reality, and for the wildest and usually unrealisable ideas to take shape and wing. For us, as quartets, it is a unique meeting place for quartets amongst themselves - something which rarely happens in the wild.

Xandi Van Dijk,
Signum Quartett

Eight days of floating in the past, present and future of the string quartet exudes a hypnotic power.

Joost Galema,
NRC, 2 February 2020

The greatest thing in life is when Utopia becomes reality. For me, that is exactly what happens at the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam. For a full week, the Muziekgebouw and the area around it is like a village, completely occupied by the string quartet.

Marc Danel,
Quatuor Danel

The richness of the String Quartet Biennale is maddening.

Erik Voermans,
het Parool, 27 January 2020