The festival

The world's largest string quartet festival.

In 2018, the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam became reality. Nowhere in the world such a large and international festival for string quartet existed. With over sixty concerts, a diverse fringe programme and a mission to share, celebrate and renew string quartet in all its richness and beauty.

In just two editions the festival grew into something that was unimaginable when we first started. With over 14.000 visitors, the festival became an international meeting hub where we can fully immerse ourselves in string quartet once every two years. Seasoned string quartet enthusiasts, eager and curious listeners who want to discover the genre and the musicians themselves: together we celebrate and discover that which makes string quartet so special: limitless possibilities, perfection and intimacy.

Bringing together so many people from all over the world, all those cultures and generations, allows for an unprecedented exchange — there’s room not only for the renowned household names, but for a young and exciting generation as well; not only for the known repertoire but for experiment as well.

Not only during the festival, but also during the two years in between, the String Quartet Biennale is actively involved in spreading the genre of string quartet. Among other things, we work together with the Leerorkest and language schools to bring string quartet to those places where it wouldn’t naturally find its way.

In 2020 the succes of the festival was repeated and now the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam is a fixed event on the worldwide cultural calendar, to which we can look forward and dream about.

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Mission & Vision

We hold the view that the string quartet exists for everybody to enjoy, regardless of identity or background. The String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam has the goal of inspiring as large and diverse a public as possible to experience and become acquainted with the string quartet in all its facets.

Held every two years, our large-scale international festival gives musicians, devotees and curious newcomers the opportunity to experience the string quartet as a contemporary and vital art form. We do not limit our vision to the genre’s rich past, but give a prominent place to current developments, crossovers and innovation. In this way we give space to the rich breadth of the string quartet repertoire, featuring a diverse, world-class line-up and developing non-traditional forms of presentation. In this context crucial aspects include scouting, presenting and developing young talent both at home and abroad, commissioning new compositions and creating opportunities for collaborations with makers from other disciplines. In all that we do, we strive to achieve the greatest possible diversity.




Yasmin Hilberdink

“First of all, the beauty of the music, the inexhaustible amount of fantastic repertoire. In addition, the fixed form of those four voices in which everything seems possible; you’re familiar with it, but still it is different every time. In the familiar you always discover something unexpected, a new turn, a new colour. The more you listen, the more beautiful it becomes – as it should be with true love.”


Jaap Hülsmann

“Many people seem to believe you can only really appreciate string quartet at a later age. That’s not true at all. I know from experience that you can appreciate the beauty and richness of string quartet even as a child. The endless world those four instruments in a string quartet together can create offers a special kind of magic; one of always being able to return to where my deepest musical experience lies.”


Robin de Bruijn

“From kitsch to art; from philosophical reflections of importance to entire humanity to the most personal kind of emotions. How the players look at each other or how they don’t; how they move and merge – or not. That combination of the human and the superhuman. All of that intense experience, but in a festival; where you can experience and discover string quartet in your own way – with lots of good wine and amazing food.”


Leana Furman

“For me, the string quartet is deeply linked to my childhood: as a child of a string quartet player, I heard almost all the repertoire at home. The combination of those four instruments together is instantly recognisable, which is why it feels like coming home. The chemistry between the four players makes it extra special, almost self-evident. But at the same time it’s the most difficult thing – four people functioning as one being.”



Dries van Ingen (chairman)
Jeroen van Spijk (treasurer)
Diana van Everdingen (secretary)
Piet Boogert
Saskia Reuling
Leo Samama
Berfin Yesilgöz

Riemke thoe Schwartzenberg-Manger Cats (chairwoman)
Jeffrey Prins (treasurer)
Erika Marseille (secretary)
Michiel van Asbeck

The board receives no compensation.


Artistic Ambassadors and Advisors

Dieuwertje Blok (radio and television maker)
Isabel Charisius (former member Alban Berg Quartett)
Liza Ferschtman (violinist)
Andreas Grütter (bowmaker)
Emmanuel Hondré (programmer La Philharmonie)
Francis Humphrys (artistic director West Cork Chamber Music Festival)
Stefan Metz (founder Nederlandse Strijkkwartet Academie)
Barry Shiffman (director Banff International String Quartet Competition)
Marco de Souza (founder Leerorkest)
Alasdair Tait (directeur YCAT)
Sven Arne Tepl (director directeur Residentie Orkest)
Mirjam Wijzenbeek (programmer kamermuziek Het Concertgebouw)
Sam Wigglesworth (Performance Music Director Faber Music)




The beating festival heart of the String Quartet Biennale. For eight days, the Muziekgebouw is all about string quartet. In its open space, spectacular architecture and great acoustics of the you can almost literally immerse yourself in the string quartet - with an incredible view of the IJ river.

muziekgebouw website

Lloyd Hotel

If the Muziekgebouw is the heart of the festival, then the Lloyd Hotel is the festival’s home. All musicians sleep, drink and eat together in the Lloyd Hotel. At just a few tram stops away from the Muziekgebouw, the hotel buzzes with string quartet during the festival.
That makes the Lloyd Hotel also the place to be for festival visitors; what’s better than sleeping and having breakfast among the musicians after watching them on stage?

lloyd hotel website


Vindt het festival ook op andere locaties plaats?

Het Muziekgebouw is het festivalhart van de Strijkkwartet Biënnale; daar vinden de meeste concerten plaats, met af en toe een programma in het Bimhuis. Daarnaast werken we iedere festival-editie met programma-partners, waardoor er ook wel eens programma's op andere locaties worden gemaakt. Eerder waren dat bijv. Eye en De Balie. Over partners van de komende editie maken we meer bekend zodra de kaartverkoop start en ons programma online komt, in september 2021.

Kan ik ook overnachten tijdens het festival?

In het Lloyd Hotel verblijf je dag en nacht tussen de musici! Daar slapen al onze festivalgasten, op een steenworp - of twee tramhaltes - afstand van het Muziekgebouw. Het Lloyd Hotel biedt een speciale korting aan voor festivalbezoekers.

De Strijkkwartet Biënnale Amsterdam is een culturele ANBI. Wat betekent dat?

De Stichting Strijkkwartet Biënnale Amsterdam is een culturele ANBI. Dat betekent dat het festival is aangemerkt als een 'Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling' zonder winstoogmerk. Dankzij de ANBI-status is een donatie aan de Strijkkwartet Biënnale voordelig. Kijk voor meer informatie op de pagina 'Support'.