Amy Crankshaw

Composer (South-Africa / United Kingdom)


Amy Crankshaw is a South African composer currently based in London, UK. Her music has been described as tactile, vivid, inventive, and highly engaging.

Current highlights include a commission by Radio France for Festival Présences 2021 (February 2021, Paris), performed by Vanessa Wagner; the Opéra de-ci de-là residency with ENOA at Festival International d’Art Lyrique Aix-en-Provence where Amy will compose a new site-specific mini opera (June 2020 & 2021, Aix-en-Provence); The Apothecary, a new opera in collaboration with writer/librettist Clare Best (May-June 2021, Silk Street Theatre, London); and the premiere of her string quartet Goggas of the Eastern Cape, with or Matangi Quartet at String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam (Jan-Feb 2022).

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