Ruben Hein

Singer, pianist, composer


Ruben Hein is  a pop musician, pianist, composer, presenter, and orchestra leader. He has been active in the jazz scene for some time, has four studio albums to his name, has won multiple Radio 6 Soul & Jazz Awards, and the Edison Audience Award. He also released a live album with the Metropole Orchestra, was a member of the British indie band Fink for some time, and served as artistic director of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra for two years. 

For his latest project, ‘OCEANS,’ he combines his two greatest loves: music and nature. To lay the groundwork for this project, Ruben went to the South Pole for an Artist In Residency. Surrounded by nothing but endless sea, penguins, and whales, the first songs quickly took shape.

A Bösendorfer grand piano (Vienna, 1985) was made available to Ruben by the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation (NMF).