Residency / Merita

Wasn't it incredible?

Kronos’ 50 for the Future Weekend in Amsterdam was certainly one for the books, a weekend saturated with richness and innovation for the beloved string quartet. Fifty new pieces, two days, all under one roof in Muziekgebouw and BIMHUIS.

Throughout the weekend we immersed ourselves in the imagination, personal stories and cultures of the fifty composers who wrote works for Kronos’ 50 for the Future. Some of these composers were even present during the weekend to share their inspirations and motivations firsthand.

The Kronos Quartet, Ragazze Quartet, Attacca Quartet, PUBLIQuartet, Belinfante Quartet, ADAM Quartet, Ruysdael Quartet, Matangi Quartet, Signum Quartet and Animato Quartet took the stage; each providing an outstanding performance of the diverse repertoire. Each quartet contributed their own unique heartbeat and sound.


It was mind blowing… I genuinely believe that this weekend’s programming will continue to be spoken about for at least another ten years. Amsterdam as the monumental capital of the string quartet.

Jean-Paul Ditmarsch

50 for the Future was an absolute journey for us, in all the best ways! We will never forget all the amazing people, the sights, and the music we experienced while in beautiful Amsterdam.

Nick Revel, PUBLIQuartet

It’s almost impossible to communicate how special 50FTF Weekend was… A continuous wave of new sounds and visions. The innovation and development of the string quartet initiated by this project led to an unprecedented connection between all performers, audience members and the composers. It was a party to behold.

Rosa Arnold, Ragazze Quartet