with Ruben Hein,

20:30 / Wed 31 Jan. / BIMHUIS / € 28,00

2024    Evening Concert    Wed 31 Jan   
Ruben Hein

Matangi Quartet/Ruben Hein

P.S. (song cycle for string quartet and vocals)

Thirty years after the release of the legendary album The Juliet Letters by Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet, the Matangi Quartet and singer-songwriter Ruben Hein present a 21st-century sequel to this masterful song cycle. The Matangi Quartet and Ruben Hein were inspired by the collected Dutch letters from the book P.S. by Jet Steinz and, with new compositions, add a contemporary chapter to the world of multidisciplinary music experience.

In P.S., letter texts take on the form of songs, and the sound and harmony are the source of movement, dynamics, and energy. The poetic fusion of word and music moves between clear lines and impressionistic soundscapes, and between written text and music.

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