The Mozart Quintets: Five and Two

with Ruysdael Kwartet, Scott Dickinson

17:00 / Tue 1 Febr / Muziekgebouw Main Hall / € 28

Mozart Quintets    String Quartet +    Viola   
Photo : Eduardus Lee

Ruysdael Kwartet

Joris van Rijn (viool)
Emi Ohi Resnick (viool)
Gijs Kramers (altviool)
Michael Müller (cello)


String Quintet no. 5 in D, KV.593


String Quintet no. 2 in c, KV.406

Mozart’s second string quintet is actually an arrangement of one of Mozart’s earlier works. Probably because it was an arrangement, Mozart didn’t include it in his catalog at first either. In a way, it almost seems as if Mozart wasn’t quite convinced of the concept of string quintets just yet. Three quintets later, Mozart clearly is convinced: he has elevated the viola quintet to a genre in itself.


It may seem strange, a focus on quintets at a string quartet festival. But it is precisely the perfection of the string quartet – that balanced core of two violins, a viola and a cello – that gave Mozart the basis and inspiration to experiment beyond its boundaries. He added a viola. Ideally, the symbiosis between quartet and violist offers the ultimate chamber music experience.