Masterclass Chiaroscuro Quartet

with Chiaroscuro Quartet, ADAM Quartet

11:30 / Wed 2 Febr / Muziekgebouw Small Hall / € 17,50

Historically Informed Practice    Learning   
Photo : Agnese Blaubarde

Chiaroscuro Quartet

Alina Ibragimova (viool)
Pablo Hernan Benedi (viool)
Emilie Hörnlund (altviool)
Claire Thirion (cello)

ADAM Quartet

Dutch String Quartet Academy (NSKA)

Margot Kolodziej (violin)
Hannelore De Vuyst (violin)
Liselot Blomaard (viola)
Renée Timmer (cello)

The Chiaroscuro Quartet focuses on historically informed performance practice. They approach their style of playing, choice of instruments and techniques in the context of the era in which the music they play was written. In this way aim to get as close as possible to the original experience of the audience and the intention of the composer. This morning the Chiaroscuro Quartet is giving a masterclass to the young ADAM Quartet, who are studying at the Dutch String Quartet Academy. This will be the first time for the ADAM Quartet to venture into the realm of historical performance.


Both players and audience learn during a masterclass. There is room for questions and it provides insight into the workings of a quartet - a fascinating world that too often remains hidden for the public.

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