Extending String Quartet: A story across time

with The Lute Legends, Butter Quartet

14:15 / Tues 30 Jan. / Grote Zaal Muziekgebouw / € 28,00

2024    Extending String Quartet    Historically Informed Performance Practice    Tue 30 Jan   
Butter Quartet
Photo : Lukasz Rajchert

The Lute Legends

Lucas Harris (lute)
Wen Zhao (pipa)
Ronnie Malley (oud)
Arnab Chakrabart (sarod)

Butter Quartet

Anna Jane Lester (violin)
Chloe Prendergast (violin)
Isabel Franenberg (viola)
Evan Buttar (cello)

The historically informed Butter Quartet joins forces with the plucking specialists of Lute Legends. The program that the eight musicians put together speaks of the connection of various string instruments throughout the ages: their musical journey goes from Europe via the Middle East and Persia to China.

The music takes us from 18th-century Vienna via late Ottoman classical music to contemporary Chinese compositions incorporating traditional singing. When the Lute Legends and the Butter Quartet come together, they weave a story that spans time and distance. This shows what a string quartet can be in the present.

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