Early Haydn (& Beethoven)

with Chiaroscuro Quartet

09:30 / Thur 3 Febr / Bimhuis / € 20

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Photo : Agnese Blaubarde

Chiaroscuro Quartet

Alina Ibragimova (viool)
Pablo Hernan Benedi (viool)
Emilie Hörnlund (altviool)
Claire Thirion (cello)


String Quartet no. 29, op. 33/5


String Quartet no. 4, op. 18/4

The Chiaroscuro Quartet wakes us up with an Early Haydn and an Early Beethoven. Two quartets in which both composers play with dramatic elements: surprise and deception. Haydn does so with humor and panache, as we expect of him. Beethoven works on a more fundamental level — do not expect humor from him, but a profound urge to innovate.


The Early Haydn is like the first cup of coffee of the day. Haydn's playful music transports you to 18th-century Vienna: wigs, ball gowns, golden halls… But Haydn also stimulates the intellect. The ease with which he allowed the four voices of the string quartet to converse with each other was innovative. Around 1781 he surprised his audience time and time again, now we mostly hear the brilliant foundation he laid single-handedly for the string quartet that followed for almost 250 years.