Coffee Talk

with Katy Hamilton

10:15 / Fri 4 Febr / Muziekgebouw Foyerdeck 1 / € Free


Katy Hamilton

Coffee Talk host

The Coffee Talks are the place to get to know the festival and the line-up in person; open conversations with the musicians, composers, the festival team and other special guests. On six mornings host Katy Hamilton will dive into the world behind and around the stage, which normally remains invisible. There is plenty of room for questions – also from home this time, because we will be live-streaming the Coffee Talks.

The guests will be announced later.


Much of the magic of the string quartet is to be found in the nuances - the different personalities of the quartets and the individual players; the rehearsal process that we never experience and the minuscule details that might pass us by in the hall. During the Coffee Talks we expose these elements and unravel the phenomenon of the string quartet. You don't have to be an insider to follow the Talks, be welcome and ask questions!


One of the Coffee Talks during the 2020 festival
FOTO: Ben Bonouvrier