BIENNALE LIVE / Ricercare: Quartets in Quarantine

The String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam goes live! Now that playing together is impossible, we take Goethe’s metaphor for string quartet – ‘a rational conversation among four people’ – literally; over the next few weeks, every week we’ll bring together four different players of four different string quartets in conversations called ‘Ricercare: Quartets in Quarantine’. This way we explore (with Cuarteto Quiroga’s Cibrán Sierra as moderator) what this quarantine means for string quartets all over the world.

Ricercare: Quartets in Quarantine #6 (6 July)

Martin Cullingford (editor, Gramophone), Yasmin Hilberdink (artistic director, String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam), Sonia Simmenauer (agent, Impresariat Simmenauer) and moderator Cibrán Sierra (Cuarteto Quiroga)


Ricercare: Quartets in Quarantine #5 (2 July)

Mee Na Lojewski (Affinity Quartet), Johannes Marmen (Marmen Quartet), Amarins Wierdsma (Barbican String Quartet), Cibrán Sierra (Cuarteto Quiroga)

Watch Thursday 2 July live at 11:30 AM CESTL


Ricercare: Quartets in Quarantine #4 (23 June)

Vlad Bogdanas (Quatuor Danel), Astrid Schween (Juilliard Quartet), Judith van Driel (Dudok Quartet), Cibrán Sierra (Cuarteto Quiroga)

Ricercare: Quartets in Quarantine #3 (12 June)

Tomas Djupsjöbacka (Meta4), Vineta Sareika (Artemis Quartett), Tereza Stanislav (Calder Quartet), Cibrán Sierra (violin / Cuarteto Quiroga)

Ricercare: Quartets in Quarantine #2 (3 June)

Cibrán Sierra (Cuarteto Quiroga), Mark Steinberg (Brentano Quartet), Hugo Ticciati (formerly O/Modərnt String Quartet), Annette Walther (Signum Quartett)

Ricercare: Quartets in Quarantine #1 (27 May)

Jonathan Brown (Cuarteto Casals), John Myerscough (Doric String Quartet), Rainer Schmidt (Hagen Quartett), Cibrán Sierra (Cuarteto Quiroga)


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